Hi, I’m Takuma, owner of Und1sputed-Japan.
Thank you so much for visiting the website and reading my message.

Und1sputed is a fitness gym and is established in San Diego.
I trained there in 2009 for two years for kickboxing.
There were so many kind members who I met. They always cheered me up, encouraged, empowered, and motivated me, even though I was the only Japanese person there.

Und1sputed changed me and saved my life, so I decided to open a gym and use this name after coming back to Japan.

We will provide cutting-edge fitness, which is called MIXED FITNESS. It is based on Workout routines / Kickboxing/ Mental fitness.


MIXED FITNESS is the original fitness style of Und1sputed-Japan.

We will cherish each customer and their dreams. So for making each menu, we will think and discuss many times with customers to find suitable solutions, be it for your health, wellness, or whether you are a professional athlete and or a kid.

I have experienced over ten years of kickboxing, Karate, and Fitness. And I also used to be a Professional fighter in Japan and United States.

Private courses are two types: 60min and 90min.
You can arrange the course into units of 10 minutes each. For example:
Workout 30min
Kickboxing exercise 20min mental fitness 10min.

If you are interested in our fitness style, please contact us without hesitation. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regard,
Takuma Sugimoto


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